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Ireland Government Scholarships 2024

Fully Funded Scholarship for international students in Ireland.

Applications are invited for the Ireland Government Scholarships 2024. The Ireland Government Scholarships 2024 application deadline is March 2024. The Ireland Government Scholarship 2024 will be provided to students at different levels of education whether they want to get themselves registered for a bachelor’s program, Master’s program, or Ph.D. program. The students are encouraged to pursue their educational path through this fully funded scholarship ladder in one of the best institutions of higher education in the Irish land. This will prove to be a highly desirable element in the profile of highly qualified students.

About Ireland Government

The fully-funded international scholarship opportunity under the Government of Ireland is based on the pillars of productive teaching methodologies, progressive learning, and effective research experience for students by giving foreign countries a chance to participate in building international engagement. The aim of the educational opportunity to study in a European country is to exhibit the engagement of Ireland with its partners.

This would not only create awareness about Ireland as a country, its religion, customs, and its people but also help people build their social networks w once they complete their studies in Ireland. This will further help them in getting attractive job positions in the marketplace. The different Irish educational institutes have their particular dynamics and features under which they are operating by maintaining their horizon of excellence in the world’s best educational systems. Moreover, these Irish scholarships are based on gender equality which helps everyone to fulfill their dreams of studying in Europe.

About Ireland Government Scholarships

  • Host Country: Ireland
  • Scholarship By: Higher Education Authority (HEA)
  • Scholarship Name: Ireland Government Scholarships
  • Bachelor’s Degree Program.
  • Master’s Degree Program.
  • The Ph.D. program.

A number of Ireland Scholarships

  • 60 scholarships

Scholarship Duration

  • The 2024 GOI-IES may vary depending on the program you enroll in.


  • The tuition charge will be completely waived.
  • All registration fees at the institution will be waived in full.
  • A yearly allowance of €10,000 is provided.
  • It will be a valuable addition to your career growth.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A national who has spent the previous 5 years residing outside the EU or EEU, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom may apply.
  • Students in the last year of their undergraduate program are eligible to apply.
  • Master’s program students who have completed one year may apply.
  • Students who have completed one year of a two-year master’s research program are eligible to apply.
  • Students who have completed one year of a three to four-year Ph.D. program may apply.
  • Students who have received an offer letter from an eligible Irish higher education institution may apply.
  • The students have an outstanding record in all areas that can be applied (educational, personal, professional, and innovative).

Documents Required

  • Academic transcripts.
  • Valid Passport.
  • Offer letter.
  • Reference letters.


The Ireland Government Scholarships 2024 application deadline is March 2024.

How to Apply?

  • Applicants must apply online using the online application portal.
  • Applicants must first create an account on the official website.
  • Candidates must fill out all essential fields.
  • Upload any documents that support your claim.
  • Upload your reference letters.
  • You must have a valid offer letter from a recognized Irish higher education institution.
  • Each section of the application form has a word restriction that you must not exceed.

Official Website of Ireland Government Scholarships

If you want to learn more about Ireland Government Scholarships, the official website is the best place to start. There, you can find thorough information on the programs and courses offered, entrance requirements and procedures, campus facilities, student life, and much more. You can also learn about the university’s academics and staff, research efforts, and community engagement programs. Access to online resources such as academic calendars, student handbooks, and course catalogs may also be available through the website. The official website is a fantastic resource to explore whether you are a potential student, a current student, or simply interested in knowing more about the university. Please visit the website by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ireland government scholarship for international students?

Ireland Government Scholarship for International Students 2024: The Ireland Government Scholarship for International Students (GOI-IES) will reflect Ireland’s commitment to excellence in the provision of advanced education for both domestic and international students.

What is the age limit for the scholarship?

There is no age limit for the scholarship. The application will open in September 2024 please keep in touch. There is No Registration Fee. There is a total number of 60 scholarships for the Academic Year 2024 by the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship.

What are the eligibility criteria for Ireland Government Scholarships?

Eligibility criteria vary based on the specific scholarship program, but generally, applicants must be international students, demonstrate academic excellence, meet English language requirements, and be accepted or enrolled in an Irish educational institution.

How can I apply for an Ireland Government Scholarship?

To apply, visit the official scholarship website or the relevant government agency’s website, complete the application form, and submit all required documents by the deadline.

How competitive are Ireland Government Scholarships?

Ireland Government Scholarships are highly competitive due to their reputation and the limited number of awards available. It’s essential to showcase strong academic achievements and unique qualities to increase your chances of success.

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