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Mexican Government Scholarships 2024

Mexican Government Scholarships provide financial aid and support to domestic and international students pursuing higher education in Mexico.

Applications are invited for the Mexican Government Scholarships 2024. The deadline for applying for this scholarship is July 2024. The Mexico Government Scholarships 2024 becomes available around two years later. The Government of Mexico’s Government Funded Scholarships of Achievement are available to all international students from over 180 countries. Students pursuing master’s, bachelor’s, specialist, doctoral, and post-graduate research degrees are eligible for this funding program.

About Mexican Government

The Mexican government is a federal republic with a democratic governance structure. Its government is governed by a 1917 constitution. Mexico’s President is the head of state and government, as well as the chief executive and commander-in-chief of the armed forces. The executive branch is in charge of enacting and enforcing laws, handling foreign relations, and monitoring government administration.

About Mexican Government Scholarships

  • Name of Scholarship: Fully Funded Mexican Government Scholarships 2024
  • Mexico is the country of scholarship.
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate, and specialty programs are available.
  • Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation is the name of the institute.
  • Gender: both male and female
  • Bachelor’s (4 years), Master’s (2 years), Graduate-level Research and Postdoctoral Fellowship (12 months), Specialization (1 year), Doctoral Programs (3 or 4 years), Medical Specialization and sub-specialization (3 years)
  • What is the deadline? July 2024


  • Under the Funded Mexican Government Scholarship, there will be a monthly allowance.
  • A monthly contribution equal to 4 (four) times the monthly value of the Measurement and Updating Unit (UMA), which is now equivalent to 11,700.36 Mexican pesos per month, is necessary for the Bachelor’s level, Specialization, Master’s degree, or research stay at the Master’s level. UMA is vulnerable to legislative changes (maintenance is provided at the end of each month).
  • Fees for tuition and registration
  • A Few Free Trips.
  • It is necessary to have medical insurance.

Required Documents

  • A fully completed and signed scholarship application.
  • A letter detailing your reasons for conducting research or studying in Mexico. (Maximum of two pages, single-line spacing, Arial font size 12).
  • It is necessary to submit three resumes. (No more than three pages, single-line spacing, Arial, size 12).
  • A letter of academic acceptance from the Mexican institution or an admission decision from the HEI (see the Acceptance Letter Requirements section).
  • A letter promising to return to one’s native country.
  • Acceptance letter for the Call’s terms.
  • A copy of the birth certificate.
  • A color copy of a valid passport in open book format, or a government-issued photo ID.
  • A copy of a medical certificate provided by a governmental or private healthcare facility attesting to the applicant’s good health.

Course offered

Mexican Government Scholarships for International Students are offered in all academic sectors and majors that are properly registered with the Mexican government.


The deadline for applying for this scholarship is July 2024.

How To Apply?

  • The program for which the scholarship is being sought requires a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree.
  • Those who do not now reside in Mexico.
  • Have been accepted or enrolled in a program at one of the Call’s participating Mexican universities.
  • Scholarships are available to students with citizenship from any of the aforementioned countries.
  • Outstanding academic success in the candidate’s chosen field of study.
  • The research topic is critical to and has a direct impact on the applicant’s country’s progress.

Official Website of Mexican Government Scholarships

If you want to learn more about Mexican Government Scholarships 2024, the official website is the best place to start. There, you can find thorough information on the programs and courses offered, entrance requirements and procedures, campus facilities, student life, and much more. You can also learn about the university’s academics and staff, research efforts, and community engagement programs. Access to online resources such as academic calendars, student handbooks, and course catalogs may also be available through the website. The official website is a fantastic resource to explore whether you are a potential student, a current student, or simply interested in knowing more about the university. Please visit the website by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mexican Government Scholarships?

Mexican Government Scholarships are funding opportunities offered by the Mexican government to international students who wish to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies, research, or specialized courses in Mexico.

Who can apply for Mexican Government Scholarships?

International students from all over the world are eligible to apply for Mexican Government Scholarships. The specific eligibility criteria vary depending on the scholarship program, but generally, applicants must have a strong academic record and meet language proficiency requirements.

When is the application period for Mexican Government Scholarships?

The application periods for Mexican Government Scholarships may vary depending on the scholarship program. Typically, applications open several months before the academic year or research period begins.

Are the scholarships fully funded?

The level of funding provided by the scholarships varies based on the program and the applicant’s academic level. Some scholarships may cover tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, and even travel costs, while others might cover only a portion of these expenses.

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