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President’s Scholarship at University of West

President’s Scholarship at University of West is open for international Students. Who provide outstanding leadership and service to their communities or to University of the West.

University of West

The University of West is a private university located in California. It was established since 1990, many international students are already studying in the USA. Following most students study bachelor’s and graduate degree programs in the field of business administration. Students can also study any kind of academic field offered by University of West.

Detail About President’s University

Host Country: USA

Host University: University of West

Financial Assistance: Funded University of West Scholarships

Degree Level: Bachelor | Graduate

Benefits of President’s Scholarship at University of West:

  • Basically, President’s scholarship program covers the tuition fee for undergraduate and graduate degree students.
  • The scholarship overall covers tuition fees and students will not receive any money.
  • President’s scholarship may vary depending on the course units that the student is studying.
  • Accordingly Every year, the President’s Office determines the number of scholarships that will be awarded to students.

How to Apply for President’s Scholarship at University of West:

  • Students must have applied and completed UWest Financial Aid Application Form.
  • International students must complete the University of the West International Student Supplemental Application for financial aid.
  • The student should submit a one-thousand-word essay on their leadership qualities, their experience related to leadership, and the community service they have provided in their country.
  • Reference must be provided.
  • All the required documents must be submitted on time.

Deadline to Apply for President’s Scholarship:

The application deadline to apply for President’s Scholarship is 1 April. The student should apply prior to the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is University of West London ranking?

It is in the top 30 universities in the UK in 2021 and 2022. In 2022, the university ranks at #35, and in 2021, the university ranks at 34th position. In 2020, the university’s rank was 57 and in 2019, it was 50.

What is the president’s entrance scholarship Western University?

President’s Scholarship ONE at up to $80,000; payable $20,000 per academic year for a period of four years.

Deans Scholarship at University of West

President’s Scholarship at University of West

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