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Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships 2023

The Scottish Government offers the coveted Scotland's Saltire Scholarships to help overseas students from six different nations who wish to study at the undergraduate, postgraduate, or PhD level in Scotland.

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships 2023 is now accepting applications. The Scotland Saltire Scholarships 2023–2024 application date is December 30, 2023. Therefore, documents must be ready for the Scotland Saltire Scholarships 2023. Students from all over the world can study in Scotland thanks to the acclaimed Saltire Scholarships program. The program, which the Scottish Government runs in collaboration with Scottish universities, strives to advertise Scotland as a fantastic location for living and studying.

A fantastic chance to study in a nation with renowned universities. And a long history of academic distinction is Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships 2023. People who want to hold prominent leadership positions in the future make up our selection of scholars. They want to expand their personal and academic experience in Scotland.

About Scotland

Scotland is a nation in the north of the United Kingdom. It is surrounded by the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and borders England to the south. It has a long history and rich culture. And it has a distinct character that makes it stand out from the rest of the UK.

Scotland’s untamed terrain, which includes mountains, rolling hills, and gorgeous lochs (lakes), is one of the country’s most recognizable trademarks. Numerous well-known natural features, including Ben Nevis, may be found throughout the nation. The tallest peak in the UK is Loch Ness, famous for the fabled creature.

About Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships 2023

  • Host country: Scotland   
  • Host institute: Scotland universities
  • Level of study: There are scholarships for postgraduate study programs.
  • Courses: Scholarships are available in all disciplines taught in Scottish universities.
  • Benefits: Tuition fee
  • Deadlines: 31 Dec 2023

Course list of Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

  • innovative sectors
  • Science
  • Clean, renewable energy
  • medical and health sciences
  • Technology

Benefits of Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

  • Up to 50 grants, each worth £8,000, are available through The Saltire Scholarships to help with the costs of pursuing a postgraduate master’s degree full-time for one year at any of Scotland’s higher education institutions.
  • In addition to their studies, Saltire Scholars will have the chance to engage in extracurricular activities, such as discussions with Scotland’s academic and business communities.
  • You will represent Scotland as well as the Saltire Scholarships program as one of our Saltire Scholars.
  • The student is responsible for covering any additional fees and expenses.

Eligibility of Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

  • Not possess a Saltire Scholarship already.
  • possess a commitment to enrol in an appropriate programme at a Scottish institution, either conditionally or unconditionally.
  • being a citizen of China, Canada, India, Japan, the United States, Pakistan, or Hong Kong (because Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China).
  • not having completed a full undergraduate degree in Scotland in the past.
  • meet the course’s language requirements.
  • Before the application deadline of December 30, 2023, complete an application form and submit it.
  • be able to prove their ability to pay the remaining tuition fees as well as the cost of living in Scotland.


The Scotland Saltire Scholarships 2023–2024 application date is December 30, 2023. Therefore, documents must be ready for the Scotland Saltire Scholarships 2023.

How to Apply for Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships?

The official website is the best place to start if you want to learn more about Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships. You can discover comprehensive details on the programs and courses provided, entrance requirements and processes, campus amenities, student life, and much more. You may also discover more about the university’s faculty, employees, research endeavours, and community outreach activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Saltire Scholarships in Scotland?

The Scottish Government and Scottish institutions collaborate to give the coveted Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships, which help students from Canada, China, India, Japan, Pakistan, and the USA study in Scotland.

For whom are the scholarships available?

Citizens of Canada, China, India, Japan, Pakistan, and the United States who are enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs at a Scottish institution are eligible for the scholarships.

What is the value of the scholarship?

Depending on the length and level of study, the scholarship amount can range from £8,000 to £20,000.

What is covered by the scholarship?

For a maximum of one year of full-time study at any Scottish university, the scholarship will pay for both the student’s tuition and living expenses.

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