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Yokohama National University Scholarships 2023

Yokohama National University offers a variety of scholarships to international students, including fully funded scholarships and tuition waivers.

Applications are invited for the Yokohama National University Scholarships 2023. The Last Date To Apply For the Yokohama National University Scholarships is 13th December 2023. International students can receive a fully funded Yokohama University MEXT Scholarship from Japan to pursue master’s and doctoral degree programs in virtually any academic discipline. The MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship Program (University Recommended Scholarship Program) provides fully financed scholarships to international students. Through this program, students from all over the world will come together and experience a variety of cultures.

Civil degree programs are available to international students at Yokohama National University. This platform offers possibilities to students globally because it is given to kids who are impoverished and cannot pay for their education abroad.

This scholarship program in Japan is open to students with strong academic records who are prepared to work hard in the classroom. With the MEXT Scholarship program, students have the chance to work in Japan after completing their degree program in addition to studying there. Additionally, students have the option of returning home to help their nations through advancing knowledge.

The complete cost of the Yokohama University MEXT Scholarship Program is covered by the award. Because it is a fully financed award, students do not need to worry about how to make ends meet in Japan.

With the MEXT Scholarship program, several scholarships are provided to international students enrolled in teacher preparation programs, special training colleges, undergraduate programs, research programs, and Young Leader Programs.

Yokohama National University Scholarships Details

  • Host Country: Japan
  • Host University: Yokohama University
  • Financial Benefit: Fully Funded
  • Degree Level: Master’s and PhD

Department of Architecture and Urban Culture

Students interested in architecture, the arts, and urban culture can enroll in the Department of Architecture and Urban Culture. Students can study both subjects in a cross-disciplinary fashion while gaining increased knowledge in their own fields through practical education in the humanities and sciences.

Architectural Field

Students gain a larger view of society and a deeper understanding of architecture and cities in this discipline, in addition to advanced professional knowledge of architecture, including history, planning, structural engineering, and the environment. Students in this profession strive to build practical leadership abilities in finding, evaluating, and solving numerous challenges through practical yet rigorous studio work on real-world architecture and cities as well as on virtual topics.

Prospective Students

Every department’s specialization is subject to examination. There are, however, some courses where test subjects can be chosen based on the candidate’s background. For instance, one can choose courses from the “Architecture Area” and the “Urban Culture Area (= Art and Culture Area)” for the Specialization in Architecture and Urban Culture, and one can choose either the “Civil Engineering Area” or the “Local Community Area” for the Specialization in Infrastructure and Urban Society. The test can be taken using the topic matter of one’s choice. For instance, one may select courses in architectural history, urban planning, and structural studies from the architecture department; film/video theory and contemporary art theory from the urban culture department; courses relating to civil engineering from the civil engineering department; and humanities courses from the local community department.

Examination Format

  • Specialization in Architecture and Urban Culture English,
  • Written Examination (Architecture-related exam questions,
  • Urban Culture-related exam questions), and Interview
  • There is a special entrance exam for international students
  • Specialization in Architecture (Y-GSA) Extempore Design, Portfolio,
  • English, Written Examination, and Interview There is a special entrance exam for international students
  • Specialization in Culture English, Written Examination, and Interview There is no special entrance exam for international students

All-English Program

The IGSI prepares students to acquire practical knowledge in civil engineering, which they put to use when they encounter numerous urban challenges in emerging and developing nations. This is done by heavily utilizing a studio-teaching approach. English will be used for all lectures, studio classes, and master’s thesis consultations. In addition to students from Japan, the course is available to other international students. Thus, the IGSI serves as the YNU Graduate School of Urban Innovation’s teaching arm for international students.

Infrastructure Management Program 

The International Bank for Recovery and Development (World Bank)’s special scholarship program, which the Japanese government funds for government officials from developing countries, provided funding for the establishment of this program in 1995. The syllabus looks at methods for managing infrastructure at all levels, from planning it to building it and running it while keeping in mind environmental protection and local residents’ well-being. In October 2016, the Graduate School of Urban Innovation welcomed a fresh cohort.

The Double-Degree Program

The double degree program hereby agrees to offer the students of each university the opportunity to study as regular students at the host institution, leading to the award of degrees from both institutions.

Student’s Life

Although it is not required to be fluent in Japanese to study and do research in the Department of Civil Engineering, having a basic understanding of the language can benefit students with daily tasks like travelling, shopping, and tourism. The civil engineering department provides its own Japanese language classes that are specific to the needs of students selected for the specialized graduate program in English. Basically, these classes are open to all overseas students majoring in civil engineering.

Purpose of Course

  • Japanese language as well as Japanese culture, customs, and a way of thinking of Japanese people.
  • Helping foreign students to adjust to their life in Japan smoothly.
  • Guide and instruct foreign students in many aspects such as communicating with people in public offices, applying for documents, seeing medical doctors, and counselling if they have problems in their life.
  • Offer cross-cultural circumstances in our class, which is organized by students from various countries.
  • We can have a chance to share our problems and difficulties in our class.

International Student Center

Advice desk at the International Education Center, international student advisor (around once per week), “Graduate School Guide” for foreign students (Japanese/English), “Yokohama National University Admission Guide” for foreign students (Japanese/English), and Chinese/Korean/Chinese/Korean/Japanese/English)

Student Apartments

Foreign students are given a choice of housing in university residence halls, and university cooperatives provide advice on renting a private apartment.

Japanese Culture Experience

“Visit tour for international students” (about 5 times a year, for 40 people), homestay program

Regional Exchange

The president-sponsored “Moon-viewing party” is an annual exchange gathering for international students and related parties, and it includes a number of additional events run by international exchange circles and citizen volunteers, as well as ongoing cultural introduction activities by international students (Talk Time, China Café, etc.). International student organizations’ official activity

Life and Welfare

Religious concern (offering halal food in the school cafeteria, building up a halal food refrigerator and prayer space), introduction for international students, a life guidebook for international students, a weekly email newsletter for international students, Japanese and English simultaneous displays, a “Consultation Desk” where students can feel free to ask any questions, and space for international students are all provided on campus.

Academic & Others

Classes on Japanese language and culture, special programs that let international students get degrees in English, and an international alumni association network are just a few examples.

Scholarship Value

  • Covers tuition fee
  • The monthly allowance is provided which covers travel, food
  • Accommodation is also provided
  • Covers health insurance
  • Round-trip airfare tickets are also provided

Eligibility Criteria

  • A citizen of a nation with which Japan has diplomatic relations
  • The maximum age is 34 years old.
  • To study, students should travel to Japan.
  • It takes two recommendations.
  • A strong academic foundation is required for the Master’s and Doctoral degree programs.
  • The students must have finished four years of undergraduate study to be eligible for the master’s program.
  • The Students for a Ph.D. program must have finished a master’s or bachelor’s degree program.
  • The Students must demonstrate English language ability through the TOEFL and IELTS tests.

Application Deadline

The Last Date To Apply For the Yokohama National University Scholarships is 13th December 2023.

How To Apply?

The best place to start if you want to learn more about the Yokohama National University Scholarships is the official website. There, you may find out more about the many programs and courses offered, the criteria for admission and the admissions process, campus services, student life, and many other topics. Additionally, you can discover more about the university’s academics, personnel, research endeavours, and public relations activities. The website might also give visitors access to online resources including schedules for classes, student handbooks, and course promos. The university’s official website is a great resource to use if you wish to enroll as a student or just learn more about it. Click here to view the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Yokohama National University scholarship 2023 in Japan?

Yokohama National University offers a MEXT scholarship 2023 in Japan which provides students with a full tuition waiver, Medical Allowance and a monthly stipend. This scholarship is open to international students who wish to pursue a degree at Yokohama National University.

How to apply for a Yokohama National University scholarship?

Completed Application Form.
Official Transcripts of Bachelor, Masters Course.
Research Plan.
Proof of English Language Proficiency.
Two confidential Recommendation Letters.

What are the deadlines for applying for YNU scholarships?

The Last Date To Apply For the Yokohama National University Scholarships is 13th December 2023.

What are the selection criteria for YNU scholarships?

The selection criteria for YNU scholarships also vary depending on the specific scholarship you are applying for. However, most scholarships consider your academic record, letters of recommendation, and personal statement.

Can I receive more than one scholarship from YNU?

In most cases, you can only receive one scholarship from YNU. However, there are a few exceptions, such as if you are awarded a scholarship from the Japanese Government and a scholarship from an external organization.

What happens if I am awarded a scholarship from YNU?

If you are awarded a scholarship from YNU, you will need to accept the scholarship offer and sign a scholarship agreement. You will also need to provide YNU with documentation of your financial need and your academic qualifications.

How long can I receive a scholarship from YNU?

The length of time you can receive a scholarship from YNU depends on the specific scholarship you are awarded. However, most scholarships are awarded for one year and can be renewed for subsequent years, subject to academic performance and financial need.

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